Appraisal Services

Specializing in Appraisals for Loan Purposes, Litigation, Estate Planning, & Inheritance Issues.

Appraisals of agricultural enterprises and rural properties demand qualified experts who understand the complexity and intricacy of modern agriculture and today's rural environment.  

The comprehensive appraisal you receive from an ARA is your assurance of a superior valuation for your agricultural enterprises or rural properties.  The experience and education required to become an ARA are significantly more stringent than that required for state certification, which makes an ARA the expert in the valuation of rural properties.  

The ARA:

       *  Has expertise in the appraisal of rural and agricultural property

       *  Is educated and experienced in the evaluation of soil, water quality and 

           availability, potential and improvements to estimate the value of land

       *  Adheres to the requirements of the Uniform Standards of Professional 

           Appraisal Practice (USPAP)

       *  Has a network of agribusiness professionals to share information and practices

The ARA appraisals are valuable for:

       *  Eminent domain (condemnation) proceedings

       *  Determining a value to sell a property

       *  Estate planning, gift valuations, or inheritance issues

       *  Litigation involving land valuations, damages, or losses

       *  Loan purposes

       *  Expert witness services

       *  Assistance to banks and trustees in real estate holdings property division

ARA's Appraise Complex Properties and Situations

       *  Natural Resources - timber, minerals, water rights

       *  Condemnation - compensation including value of land taken by government agency

           plus severance damages

       *  Business and/or Personal Property

       *  Complex Properties - permanent plantings, processing facilities, transitional recreational properties

Qualified, Educated & Experienced

        An ARA has expertise exceeding most state certification and licensing requirements.

       *  Successful completion of appraisal courses including:

                    -Rural appraisal principles           -Eminent domain

                    -Income capitalization                 -Appraisal report writing

                    -Highest and best use                 -Advanced appraisal technique

       *  Minimum five years of experience in professional rural appraisal

       *  60 Continuing Education hours every 3 years

       *  A 4-year college degree or equivalent

       *  Successfully pass the ASFMRA Accrediting Exam